Get creative with our Lensbreaks productc! Here is howto.

Where to mount

Simply mount it anywhere you have a 1/4 inch screw hole using the magic arm. For example directly where you would attach your tripod plate. If you use a tele lens you may also have a lenssuport – you can mount it also there. Some matebox also have such holes. If you use a more professional camera you can also mount it to the cage.

With magicarm

With handle

How to use

Unfix the magicarm and place the Lensbreaks product in front of the lens. Make sure to not block the whole lens. Tighten the magicarm now. You are ready to shoot!

The following points will affect the result you get.

1. The surrounding

As the lensfxball acty like many tiny mirrors the surrounding of you affect the pictures. So make sure you also have interesting structures on right and left side of your camera.

2. The light

The more light you have the more special is your picture effect!

3. The distance to the lens

Try also different disctanes from lens to your Product. It will look different!

5. The focal length

A wideangle lens will produce a les special effect than a tele lens! Our favourit lens is by the way the Sigma 50-100 F1.8


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